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Timang Beach Tour – Private Transport from Yogyakarta to Timang Beach

3 Interesting Activities Timang Beach Tour – Yogyakarta has always been famous for its many must-visit tourist destinations. Not only in the city, but you can also enjoy attractive tourist destinations on the south coast of Yogyakarta. One of them is Timang Beach, even the Timang Beach Tour has become a favorite for travelers lately.

Timang Beach was originally just an ordinary beach, not well-known, and a place for residents to make a living. However, in recent years, Timang Beach has become one of the tourist destinations that must be visited when visiting Yogyakarta.

How come? Here you can find extreme tourist destinations that should not be missed. You will never forget this experience for the rest of your life, traveling while enjoying the amazing natural scenery. No wonder, there are many Yogyakarta Timang Beach Tour provided by local services.

timang beach tour

What Can You Do at Timang Beach?

The famous Timang Beach has recently attracted many foreign tourists. Even several international television shows have covered the beauty of Timang Beach as well as the people who make a living in extreme ways.

One of them is the variety show “Running Man” from South Korea which is enough to make many viewers amazed by the existence of Timang Beach. The gondola is a characteristic of Timang Beach which now can be used by tourists to cross the mighty ocean waves.

This gondola was originally used by fishermen to catch lobsters. However, because it attracts tourists, many of them end up trying to cross the ocean using the gondola.

In the end, the Gondola at Timang Beach is a tourist highlight that should not be missed. Many foreign tourists are quite challenged to cross the ocean using the gondola that fishermen usually use.

Then what are the things to do in Timang Beach? Here are some fun activities that you can do during the Timang Beach Tour:

Extreme Adventure on Timang Beach

A little story about Timang Beach, the south coast of Yogyakarta, which is now a must-visit tourist destination. Timang Beach is famous for its quite powerful waves, most residents work as fishermen looking for lobsters on the cliffs.

Many lobsters are on the cliffs in the middle of the ocean, therefore fishermen choose gondolas as the main vehicle to find lobsters. Why not cross by boat or ship? The answer is because the distance is not too far and the waves are quite fierce.

Crossing the ocean by gondola is common for fishermen there. But this is a new thing for tourists. This view is amazing it is not uncommon for many tourists to discourage from crossing the ocean using a gondola.

Until now, the gondola is still the main vehicle for fishermen to find lobsters. Tourists who buy tour packages will go looking for lobsters with fishermen.

You will never regret Timang Beach Tour because it is an unforgettable life experience. This gondola is 20 meters off the coast, at first glance the question “Is this safe for humans?”

Of course, safety is a priority. Even though this gondola looks old and vulnerable because it is only made of wood, ropes, and metal pulleys, the security system is very good. Although it cannot be said to be “very safe” this gondola is “safe enough” to be used to cross the ocean.

You can cross the ocean for 100 meters and go to the rocks to look for lobsters with fishermen. This gondola cannot be boarded by many people, only one or two people can ride it.

Even to operate the gondola, use the manual method with human power. Of course, this becomes very interesting as well as an extreme experience. Interested in trying it?

Eat Your Own Caught Lobster

Timang Beach Tour offers experiences that you will never forget, one of which is taking lobsters from a rock cliff using a gondola. Lobster is one of the characteristics of Timang Beach that you shouldn’t miss.

After going through the big waves to get lobsters, you can immediately cook them or buy fresh lobsters at stalls around Timang Beach. Here almost all the marine animals presented are caught by local fishermen.

You won’t find bad quality seafood, because here everything has just been taken from the ocean. You can enjoy the delicious boiled lobster and use a sauce made by residents.

A private tour to Timang Beach is the best choice for you to get the experience of crossing the Indian Ocean with a gondola, which you might not find in other countries. Harvesting lobsters in the middle of the sea and enjoying your catch into delicious food will be a story you will never forget.

Snorkeling and Diving

Timang Beach is not only famous for its ferocious Indian Ocean waves but also its underwater beauty which should not be forgotten. To get to Timang Beach, you will pass hills and rocky roads.

How to get to Timang Beach from Yogyakarta? You can buy a Timang Beach Tour which offers a private driver who will take you to Timang Beach.

Not only will you enjoy the gondola, but you can also enjoy other activities such as snorkeling and diving. Timang Beach has a very beautiful underwater tour, you can prepare an underwater camera to capture its beauty.

The coral cliffs on the south coast of Yogyakarta have their beauty. You will never regret it because you can visit Timang Beach and enjoy its natural beauty.

Timang Beach has very fine white sand and very clear seawater. You can enjoy the beauty of nature by riding a gondola or snorkeling. Under the sea, there are many types of fish and marine animals, so it is suitable for diving and snorkeling activities.

This journey which will give you the most fun stories while in Yogyakarta. Not only enjoying the beautiful south coast, you can get experience as a fisherman on the Timang beach.

Something that you might not find in other tourist spots. All the uniqueness about Timang Beach that you will never forget. Cross the ocean with the mighty waves and enjoy the lobster you caught yourself.

Even though the trip will be tiring, you will enjoy the Timang Beach Tour. Visit us here for more information!

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