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Wediombo Beach – Location, Ticket Prices and Exciting Activities

Wediombo Beach – Yogyakarta has various water attractions with incomparable beauty, one of which is Wediombo Beach. Wediombo has a uniqueness that can captivate travelers, making it a destination that should not be missed.

Wediombo Beach

About Wediombo, Location, Ticket Prices, Parking Fees, Opening and Closing Hours and Facilities

How is Wediombo Beach today? Still fantastic with lots of excitement that fascinates tourists. Wediombo comes from two words in Javanese, namely wedi or sand and ombo or area.

If put together it means a wide expanse of sand. For those who want to visit Wediombo, you should know the location, ticket prices and opening and closing hours as follows.

1. Address

The destination address is Pendowo, Jepitu Village. The village is in Girisubo District, Gunung Kidul, DIY. From the center of Jogja itself it is around 78 km.

2. Ticket Prices

The entrance ticket to Wediombo Beach costs IDR 5,000.

3. Parking Fees

Car parking costs IDR 5,000 and two-wheeled vehicles IDR 3,000.

4. Opening and Closing Hours

There is no need to worry for visitors from outside the area or those who want to explore the beach for longer, because the beach is open 24 hours.

5. Facilities

Access to the beach is good so that it makes visitors comfortable. There is also a prayer room, toilet, camping area, tent rental, accommodation, food stalls and surfing classes.

The management really pampers visitors so they can explore the beach panorama to their heart’s content.

Wediombo Beach

Wediombo’s Attraction

There is no need to be confused about looking for a healing place or a picnic to refresh your mind because Wediombo can be the most beautiful destination. This beach offers the charm of an exotic and luxurious beach, what are they?

1. Sea Water Gradation

The unique beach of Wediombo has an unusual sea water gradient. The color turquoise or bluish green is really difficult to find on other beaches.

2. Unique Gulf

Wediombo has a unique bay with a half circle shape. In the western part there is a volcanic lava dome. The origin of the bay is from the past and sinks at sea level.

3. Beautiful scenery and sunset

The beach has a beautiful lagoon with unique towering rocks. The scenery around the beach is no less beautiful, plus the charm of the sunset that appears in the afternoon.

All the attractions of Wediombo are able to attract tourists who come.

Exciting activities in Wediombo

Apart from its extraordinary charm, visitors can do exciting activities on the beach, from photo hunting, surfing to camping.

1. Take a photo

For those who like taking selfies or hunting for photos, the beach has an exotic backdrop. Coral rocks with unique sea colors can provide a background that is impossible to find on other beaches.

If you have free time, don’t forget to capture the golden sunset which is maximally cool.

2. Surfing

Wediombo is famous for its fairly long and strong waves suitable for surfing or surfing. Those who are already skilled can surf directly on this beach. If you are not yet proficient, you can have an expert accompany you.

Visitors who don’t like surfing can have other fun activities such as swimming or seeing the beautiful lagoon.

3. Camping

Camping with family or close friends is certainly fun. Visitors can camp in the camping area that has been provided by the management.

To camp, a fee of IDR 25,000 is charged per tent per night. With affordable prices, visitors are free to do activities for a fairly long time.

The attraction of Wediombo Beach is interesting and makes many people curious. The unique and exotic charm of the beach will provide its own moments for visitors.

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