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The Stunning Charm of White Sand Beach in Yogyakarta

Krakal Beach

White Sand Beach in Yogyakarta – Jogja, or Yogyakarta, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia, famous for its extraordinary cultural richness. Apart from that, this city also has amazing natural beauty. One of the most iconic natural attractions in Jogja is the enchanting white sand beach.

This article will discuss several beaches with white sand in Jogja that you must visit while on holiday in Jogja.

Several white sand beaches are suitable to visit while in Yogyakarta

Jogja, which is famous as a student city, certainly has beautiful tourist destinations, one of these destinations is the beach with charming white sand. Here are some beaches that you must visit

1. Parangtritis Beach

Parangtritis Beach is one of the most famous and iconic white sand beaches in Jogja. Located only about 27 kilometers from the city center of Jogja, this beach offers beautiful, soft white sand, strong waves, and spectacular sunset views.

Parangtritis Beach also has high cultural value, with a ritual offering to Nyi Roro Kidul, the sea queen, who is believed by residents to be the coast guard.

You can walk along the beach, surf, or just sit on the beach while enjoying the expansive sea views. Don’t forget to try typical beach foods, such as grilled corn and fresh young coconut.

2. Baron Beach

Baron Beach is the perfect place for those looking for tranquility and natural beauty. Located about 60 kilometers from the city center of Jogja, this beach offers clean white sand beaches and calm seawater. This beach is surrounded by towering karst cliffs, creating a stunning natural view.

Baron Beach is also famous for its interesting natural cave area. You can explore the beautiful Sri Gethuk Cave or see the Baron Cave which is right near the beach. Apart from that, there are many food stalls around the beach serving delicious fresh seafood.

3. Krakal Beach

Krakal Beach is one of the hidden white sand beach paradises in Jogja. Located to the east of Baron Beach, this beach offers fine white sand and stunning views.

Krakal Beach has busier waves, making it a suitable place for surfing. However, visitors must be careful because the waves can be very strong at some points.

Apart from the beach, Krakal is also famous for its towering coral rocks, creating a beautiful view. Also, there are several cafes and restaurants around the beach that serve delicious dishes and refreshing drinks.

4. Siung Beach

Siung Beach is a paradise for climbers and adventure fans. Located about 70 kilometers from Jogja, this place offers clean white sand beaches and beautiful views of karst cliffs. However, the main attraction is the rock climbing activity.

Siung Beach is famous for its challenging rock climbing area. Extreme sports fans can try their bravery in climbing the towering karst cliffs around the coast. Here, you can have a thrilling experience while enjoying stunning sea views.

Jogja has several white-sand beaches that offer a variety of experiences. Whether you’re looking for adventure, tranquility, or breathtaking natural beauty, you’ll find it all on these beaches. Explore the natural beauty of Jogja and create unforgettable memories on the stunning beaches.

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