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YIA Yogyakarta Airport, Earthquake-Resistant Design and Strong Javanese Flavor

YIA Yogyakarta Airport – Stopping by YIA Yogyakarta Airport will leave you with special memories. Why is that? Because Yogyakarta International Airport or YIA is not just an airport but can be a contemporary tourist alternative that has a strong Javanese feel.

YIA Yogyakarta Airport

Overview of YIA Yogyakarta Airport

Jogja Kulon Progo Airport is the main replacement for the old Jogja Adi Sutjipto airport with a capacity of up to 20 million passengers annually.

This airport, which was inaugurated on 28 August 2020, has a high level of artistic power and a modern, Javanese design. Located in Palihan, Temon, Kulon Progo Yogya, YIA covers 219,000 m2.

With an area 10 times larger than Adi Sutjipto Airport, the construction cost was 11 trillion rupiah. The YIA greenship building concept is popular and has the largest MSME area so visitors can shop freely.

Apart from that, YIA is equipped with a Science Corner so that children are free to read books, try motorbike games and watch films while waiting for the plane to depart.

To meet visitor needs, airport operating hours start from 05.00 to 21.00 WIB with quite complete international class facilities.

YIA Yogyakarta Airport

Attraction of Yogyakarta YIA Airport

With YIA, there are of course two airports in Jogja. Even though there is a new one, the old airport is still operating as before. Old and new airports have their own advantages and disadvantages.

As an international quality airport, YIA has an attraction that can make visitors feel at home and feel at home. While waiting for your plane to depart or waiting for your relative to arrive, there is much you can find here, including:

1. Long Runway

The runway or YIA runway is quite long, reaching 3,250 meters. The runway along that length can become a runway for Boeing 777 and Airbus A340.

This is different from Adi Sutjipto Airport, which has a runway of only 2,200 square meters.

2. Large Capacity

Compared to Adi Sutjipto Airport, YIA’s capacity is 12 times larger. The capacity of the Adi Sutjipto terminal can be 1.6 million passengers, while YIA’s capacity is much greater, namely 20 million passengers.

3. Resistant to earthquakes and tsunamis

So far, Jogja is prone to earthquakes and tsunamis due to its beaches in the south and its active volcanoes. To anticipate, YIA was made with a modern and sturdy design so that it can withstand earthquakes and tsunamis.

Earthquake resistance of 8.8 on the Richter scale with tsunami wave resistance of up to 12 meters.

4. Full Transportation

YIA Airport also prioritizes complete and neatly systemized multimodality. Public transportation is adequate on an international scale so that visitors don’t have any difficulties when going home or going to the airport.

DAMRI and SatelQu shuttles have several pick-up points with departure times every 30 minutes. There is also airport train transportation that departs from Tugu Station every 1 hour.

Another convenience is that access to regular and online transportation is easy for YIA visitors’ mobility.

5. International route

YIA’s routes are considered complete and there are many new routes added for international travel. Passengers can choose routes according to needs.

6. Condensed design with Javanese nuances

YIA’s architectural design is thick and classic, almost entirely carrying the concept of local Javanese cultural wisdom. All the ornaments show Jogja’s characteristics, such as the white gate with the nuances of the Jogja palace to Tamansari.

Coming to YIA Yogyakarta Airport is not just an ordinary visit because you can also go on a tour. Sophisticated architecture with high level artistic design. Waiting is not boring because visitors can take photos while enjoying a mini version of Jogja.

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