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Yogyakarta Cave – Vertical Caving in Yogyakarta which Challenges Your Adrenaline

Yogyakarta Cave – Visiting Yogyakarta and are confused where to go? It’s time for you to experience a different holiday in Yogyakarta by visiting Jomblang Cave.

The location of the Jomblang Cave is in Jetis, Pacarejo, Semanu, Gunung Kidul Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta. If you come from downtown Yogyakarta, it takes around 90 minutes to drive.

Yogyakarta/Jogja contains many popular tourist attractions in the world, one of which is Jomblang Cave. Activities in Jomblang Cave will get your adrenaline pumping because reaching the location is really challenging.

You will be lowered into a 60 meter deep cave using a rope and walk through this cave which is full of dark history. How interesting, right?

Jomblang Cave Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta Cave

Jomblang Cave is one of the vertical caves in Yogyakarta which occurred due to the collapse of soil and vegetation due to geological processes.

Due to the collapse of the land, it created a sinkhole or well with a cave mouth about 50 meters deep. Jomblang Cave is a conservation area for ancient plants at the bottom of the cave.

Yogyakarta Cave is different from other caves in Yogyakarta City. Jomblang Cave is a vertical cave, so anyone who wants to go down and explore this cave needs special equipment and experience in exploring caves.

If you want to explore Jomblang Cave, the manager has prepared equipment for vertical caving, namely SRT (Single Rope Technique) with safety equipment and experienced local guides.

The activities at Yogyakarta Cave will stimulate the adrenaline of the tourists who come. There are several paths that can be passed based on depth. For beginners, you can go through a path that is 15 meters deep and for experts you can use a path that is 40 meters, 60 meters to 80 meters deep in the cave. If you are a beginner and want to explore Yogyakarta Cave, you can walk but it will take a steep route.

After being lowered to the bottom of the cave, you will see the beautiful scenery around the mouth of Jomblang Cave. In each section at the bottom of the cave there is a variety of ancient plant vegetation that is beautiful and lush.

And when you walk down the Jomblang Cave corridor, you will see the cave passageway decorated with stalactites and stalgmites above. Apart from that, you will also find a fairly strong underground river flow.

Yogyakarta Cave

Next, on your journey along Yogyakarta Jomblang Cave, you have to walk about 300 meters to find Luweng Grubug. From here, visitors who enter can get a beautiful view like light opening up from heaven.

You will definitely find this view when finding out about Jomblang Cave, Yogyakarta. The sunlight that enters through Grubug Cave provides a dazzling contrast, making the beauty of the cave visible and adding a special impression to anyone who sees it.

However, to get sunlight to come down to Grubug Cave you need the right time. That’s why the management of Yogyakarta Cave only limits visits to once a day, namely from 10:00AM to 12:00AM. And note that the weather was sunny at that time.

Because, if it is cloudy, sunlight cannot enter and shine on the mouth of the cave.

There is no entrance fee that must be paid when you visit Yogyakarta Cave. If you are an expert and have brought your own caving equipment, then you only need to ask permission from the manager or the Village Head of the Jomblang area.

However, if you don’t bring equipment, you can rent it from the management by paying IDR 500,000/person. This price includes vertical caving equipment complete with a guide and lunch from the management.

Vertical Caving in Yogyakarta

During the summer holidays, tourists from abroad will be very crowded. Yogyakarta Cave has a limited daily quota of 90 visitors per day.

So, for those of you who want to enjoy the experience of vertical caving at Yogyakarta Cave, you should make a reservation in advance so you can do the activity here.

Transportation to Yogyakarta Cave is quite difficult because it cannot be reached by public transportation. It is recommended that you order a Yogyakarta car rental service with a driver to reach the location more easily.

Most Yogyakarta drivers already know the location and you will be helped from the beginning of the activity to the end of the activity.

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