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Yogyakarta Monument – Things You Shouldn’t Miss When Visiting Tugu Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta Monument – A visit to Yogyakarta will not be complete if you haven’t taken a photo at Tugu Yogyakarta. Besides taking photos, it turns out there are many things you can do here.

Curious about anything? Check out more details in this article!

Monumen Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta Monument

Tugu Yogyakarta is the most famous icon of the city of Yogya. This monument is quite easy to find, because it is located in a strategic location in the middle of the intersection of four main roads dividing the city of Yogya.

Apart from the beautiful shape of the monument, Tugu Yogyakarta also holds history that is no less interesting to miss.

This monument has been built since the time of the Sultanate of Sultan Hamengkubuwono I in 1755. Previously, this monument was called Golong Gilig, which means a cylindrical building with a round top.

This monument was also renovated because it collapsed due to an earthquake in 1867. After being renovated, Tugu Yogyakarta experienced quite drastic changes in shape as we see today.

The Attraction of Tugu Yogyakarta

The Yogyakarta Monument has its main attraction in its attractive architectural form. Its strategic location in the city center makes this monument a phenomenal location to use as a photo spot.

In fact, a visit to Yogyakarta would be incomplete without taking a photo at this monument.

At night, this area is busy with tourists just hanging out while having a culinary tour or enjoying the nighttime atmosphere of Yogya City.

Activities to do at Tugu Yogyakarta

Hunting Photo

The main activity you can do at Tugu Yogyakarta is hunting for photos. You can take fun photos with the backdrop of the Tugu Yogyakarta monument to upload to social media.

To do photo hunting at this monument, it is best for you to come to this area at night. Because, the volume of vehicles passing through the Tugu area will be much reduced.

However, if you want to do photo hunting here, you need to be patient to queue. The reason is, you will find many visitors who also want to take photos at this landmark of the city of Yogya.

Culinary Travel

Once you’re satisfied with taking photos, you can also enjoy culinary tours offered around the Tugu Yogyakarta area. There are a variety of culinary delights that you must try, ranging from heavy meals to light snacks or warm drinks.

You can try nasi ikan complete with appetizing fried and satay dishes. If you don’t want to eat a heavy meal, you can also enjoy jos coffee, ginger wedang or warm wedang ronde while enjoying the atmosphere of the Tugu Yogya area.

Yogyakarta Monument Location

The Yogyakarta Monument is located in a very strategic location in the middle of Yogya city. To be precise, it is located in Gowongan, Jetis District, Yogyakarta City, Yogyakarta Special Region.

You can easily find this monument because the location is quite busy with traffic. However, don’t worry, because this traffic congestion only occurs at certain hours.

Opening Hours of Tugu Yogyakarta

Basically, there are no special operating times set for tourists who want to visit Tugu Yogya.

However, considering that the location is quite busy and is often passed by vehicles, it’s a good idea to come here only at night.

Entrance Ticket Price to Tugu Yogyakarta

The Yogyakarta Tugu area is a public place that anyone can visit. You also don’t need to pay ticket fees to enjoy the atmosphere of this area.

However, for those of you who bring private vehicles, you need to pay parking fees, the price of which is still relatively cheap. For motorbikes, a fee of IDR is charged. 2,000 and a car of IDR. 5,000.

Cheap, right?

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