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Private Car Charter in Yogyakarta with Driver and Java-Bali Tours, Indonesia

Yogyakarta Tourism: Discovering the Charm of Culture and Natural Beauty

Yogyakarta Tourism

Yogyakarta Tourism – Special Region of Yogyakarta or what is more familiarly called Jogja, is one of the interesting cities in Indonesia and a must visit. Yogyakarta city is located on Java Island, Indonesia. This city has a diverse culture and quite a long history. The city of Yogyakarta also has lots of interesting tourist destinations that can be used for tourism.

With its many tourist attractions, Yogyakarta City has become one of the favorite destinations for domestic and foreign tourists. In this article Hire Driver Yogyakarta would like to invite you to explore the charm of Yogyakarta tourism and why you should make Yogyakarta a destination for your holiday.

Yogyakarta Tourism

One interesting tourist destination to visit is Yogyakarta Palace (Sultan Palace). This place is the official palace of the Sultanate of Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat. The Yogyakarta Palace is the center of Javanese culture and traditions. From the Yogyakarta Palace, tourists can increase their historical knowledge about the city of Yogyakarta and learn about the history and life of Javanese people.

Not far from the Yogyakarta Palace there is Tamansari Water Castle. This place is the former royal park of Yogyakarta. One of the icons of Tamansari which is quite popular is the mysterious underground baths/pools and wells. When visiting these two places, namely the Yogyakarta Palace and Tamansari, it is a step back in time, like tracing the traces of Javanese civilization.

For art lovers, Yogyakarta City is also known for its dynamic artistic life. The city of Yogyakarta is a place for famous artists and has various art galleries and art communities which are quite popular.

Quite a number of local artists use Yogyakarta as a stage to express their talents and the result is a thriving artistic life in the form of fine arts, performing arts and music. In Yogyakarta City, there are several art galleries that you can visit at any time. By visiting art galleries in Yogyakarta, you can discover and appreciate unique and varied works of art.

Apart from its rich cultural and historical heritage, the Yogyakarta Special Region also offers extraordinary natural beauty. Some of the natural tourist destinations that you can visit are the south coast area. One beach in Yogyakarta that is quite popular is Parangtritis Beach. This beach offers the beauty of the blue sea with black sand that rolls due to the beauty of the waves.

Apart from that, there are also beaches on the eastern side of Yogyakarta, such as Baron Beach, Kukup Beach, Krakal Beach, Indrayanti Beach, Gesing Beach, Wediombo Beach and a series of other beaches which also offer very beautiful views.

For those of you who like adventure, the Yogyakarta Tourism place you can visit is Mount Merapi. You can climb the Mount Merapi area or just see it from a distance by renting a Merapi Lava Tour Jeep. For your climb to Mount Merapi the trek is quite challenging and you will find amazing views on this climb.

Not only that, Yogyakarta City is also famous for the friendliness of its residents towards tourists. When you come to Yogyakarta and look for a place to stay, you don’t need to worry about the location. The city of Yogyakarta has many accommodation options, from low-class hotels to luxury 5-star hotels. Tourists can also find modern shopping centers to buy handicrafts, batik or other unique souvenirs.

For tourists who like culinary delights, you can find a variety of delicious dishes from food stalls and restaurants, such as typical Yogyakarta City foods such as Gudeg, Nasi Kucing, Sate Klatak and others.

In order to maximize the tourist experience in Yogyakarta, we provide several special tour packages that you can choose from or organize your own trip using transportation rental in Yogyakarta.

Hire Driver Yogyakarta is a travel agency that offers tour packages in Yogyakarta including visits to all the main tourist attractions in Yogyakarta and surrounding areas. However, exploring the city of Yogyakarta independently is also an interesting option, because it will make your holiday experience in Yogyakarta more memorable and a flexible trip.

That’s a brief review of the Yogyakarta Tourism service from Hire Driver Yogyakarta. In conclusion of this article, Yogyakarta City is a place that should not be missed when you have a holiday destination. If you are still confused and don’t have a destination, you can consult with us about your vacation destination in Yogyakarta. Enjoy your journey!

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