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Dieng Plateau: The Most Popular Highland Tourist Destination in Central Java

Dieng Plateau – Wonosobo is only a small town in Central Java, but this city flanked by Mount Sindoro and Sumbing has a tourist destination that is almost never empty of visitors every day. Of course we are all familiar with the Dieng Plateau or Dieng Plateau tourist area? Wondering what’s there?

Arjuna Temple Dieng Plateau
Arjuna Temple

Information About Dieng Plateau

Due to its location in the highlands (+/- 2,093 meters above sea level) and close to an active volcano, the Dieng area is not only famous for its various interesting mountain tourist attractions but is also an area producing agricultural commodities and plantations, including flower plants, vegetables or fruits. The air there is also cool and can even be very cold in certain seasons.

The Dieng Plateau has its own uniqueness as a tourist destination starting from its people, cultural and religious values, science and history and the surrounding geographical conditions. One of the unique things about the culture of Dieng residents is the traditional event which is a regular agenda for local residents, namely the Dieng Culture Festival. At this event, there is a tradition of ruwatan for local children who have dreadlocks. Because of its uniqueness, this event is always an attraction for tourists and is never empty of spectators.

Dieng Plateau Lake Warna
Lake Warna

Tourism Activities in Dieng and Tourist Objects

The expansive hilly landscape, extraordinarily beautiful views, various interesting tourist attractions, unique traditions and culture and cool air make anyone feel at home in the Dieng area for a long time. You are also obliged to visit there at least once in your life. So what else can you do in Dieng?

If you go to the Dieng Plateau, you can’t miss various interesting tourist activities, including hiking and camping on Sidengkeng Hill, enjoying the sunrise in the morning from Sikunir Hill or Dieng Viewpoint, visiting water attractions in Dieng such as Telaga Warna, Telaga Cebong, Telaga Pengilon and Telaga Menjer, you can also take a look at several ancestral relics such as Dieng Temple and stop at the Kaliasa Museum.

Sikidang Crater Dieng Plateau
Sikidang Crater

For those who are curious about crater tourism, Dieng also still has the famous Sikidang Crater or Sileri Crater and Candradimuka, all three of which are still active with volcanic activity. Not enough yet? Try to explore the grasslands (savanna) which is still in the Dieng area, located in the Sumurup Valley.

Lastly, what you also shouldn’t miss is tasting the local culinary specialty of the Wonosobo area, namely Ongklok noodles. This typical food menu contains a mixture of yellow noodles, sliced cabbage and chives, then doused with a thick, savory and sweet spiced sauce and topped with fried onions. As an alternative souvenir, you can bring various carica fruit preparations typical of the Dieng Plateau area.

Pangonan Hill Dieng
Pangonan Hill Dieng

How to get to Dieng Plateau, Entrance Ticket Prices and Opening Hours

The easiest way to travel to Dieng is, of course, to use tour & travel services that hold special open trips, but you can still go there using a private vehicle armed with Google Maps. When you arrive there, you can look for accommodation around the Dieng area which is open 24 hours.

Meanwhile, the opening hours and entrance ticket prices for each tourist attraction in Dieng Plaetau can vary, but almost all tourist attractions have been open from the morning with fairly cheap entrance ticket prices ranging from 5,000 to 30,000 rupiah, except for Dieng Culture Festival, you have to spend around Rp. 350,000.-. So, immediately plan your vacation to Dieng starting now.

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